About me:

I’m 35 (yikes)

I have never been married or have any kids, but I am engaged now.

Because I’m stupid (just kidding)

I wasn’t sure marriage was right for me, ever since I was a kid I could never picture getting older, having babies, or actually living past 18. I don’t know why. It’s amazing I’m still here.

I love all animals, even the ones with scaly, pointy tails, and also ones that slither.

I HATE centipedes, I’m terrified of them, I’d sooner pack my stuff and move out than have to get within a foot of one.

My family isn’t close. But we all live in the same town. SMALL town.

I have a twin brother. He lives about 4 blocks away.

last time I saw him was 2 summers ago.

I have always wanted to sing, but I have stage fright, and I don’t know if my singing voice is that great to start with, but when I sing, I feel free, and happy.

I love watching intervention. While drinking wine. And I secretly want an intervention so I can go on a vacation. I know, stupid.


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