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Ok..first question… why would a bus from a church (I’m too lazy to get the name on the bus, and not good at getting a good picture) be at the restaurant right across the street from my apartment at 10 pm? Are these people that rented the bus from a “Senior Community” or are they pimping the bus because of the lower rates for a bachlorette pary? Sorry for the spelling. Just curious. Why, if it was seniors, couldn’t they come out and eat at dinner time with the rest of us? Why wait until 10 pm?

Also, have you watched Real World, the new season in Brooklyn? Am I the ONLY ONE that sense the irony about the chick that didn’t want to be outed about her sexuality to the male roomates? Isn’t she obviously transexual? I thought it was pretty obvious but, not that it’s a problem, but GEEZ, get used to yourself. I hope she feels more comfortable in her skin, thinking about that, I could use the same.

(I had a whole paragragh here, but the wordpress Gods ATE it.) BAH

Also #3 This is for the people (the one or two that may read) but, do you guys chat anywhere? I’d like to talk moar plz.



Posted on: January 20, 2009

Winter blues…oh winter blues, why do you torture me?  Maybe it’s not so much the winter blues so much as the handbag that I ordered online, that I waited oh so patiently for, which got delivered today after much pacing about. Guess what. The bag is wee. Tiny. I can’t fit my ALL my stuffs in it. Which, I do understand, I probably need to downsize a bit, but damn, online purchases always seem to be right out of reach of what I was hoping for. This tiny little purse does carry the essentials, really what is REALLY essential to drag around all day long? Not much perhaps, but I thought it would be much bigger than pea sized. Now I’m a bit deflated, which is good, now I can put my deflated self in my new weee little purse and carry it around. Ha! Online purchases be damned. Blah….

In other news, can you become lactose intolerant when you’ve never had problems before? I ate some shells and cheese last night, (velveeta always helps the winter blues, CARBS…num num), and my stomach was all bloated and hurty all night. What gives? I loves me some lactose, say it isn’t so. Any help would be appreciated.

Just a short note to say that I’m not dead, just freezing, not unlike most of the other folks in the upper half of the U.S. , and I can’t forget my Canadian peeps that are experiencing the same type of tundra like weather. I don’t likey the winter. Me and the fiance are tossing around the idea of moving south, Savannah GA to be specific. Not within the next couple of months, but within the next year.  If anyone reads this drivel I would love to have some feedback on whether this ould be a nice area to move to. Other than that, I have pretty much nothing, my fingers are a frozen and I am just hoping for Spring to come soon. I hope all is well with all the internets, and I’ll have a better post soon. Sorry I’m sucky at this right now, anyone have any home remedies on the winter blues? Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Keep warm!


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  • lv4921391: any time you feel the need to send jokes...send them to your blogging
  • lulue: My fiance's parents live in Surprise Arizona, we visited during Thanksgiving 2007. (my first flight and I didn't get arrested or cry! I win) I loved i
  • TJ: Savannah is really nice. I've not spent any serious length of time there, but the area has a really great feel to it. I lived half in PA/half in Atlan