Posted on: December 8, 2008

We are under a SEVERE WINTER STORM WARNING. We may get up to 12 inches of snow…which to most people in area isn’t a big deal. Hell, in this neck of the woods it’s pretty typical. But to ME, I HATE HATE HATE the snow. I hate getting ready in the morning just to stand outside brushing my car off, which means all the snow ends up on me because I am short, which also means I get to go to work soaking wet. 12 inches of show is actually quite alot, now that I think of it, I’m only 5’2″, which means it’s going to snow 1/5 (my math sucks) of  my height. What if I drown?  I hate driving in it, pretty much I cannot think of one redeemable quality of the Snow.  Also, I have learned that the Ice hates me. I cannot even LOOK at the ice without it grabbing my foot and knocking me to the ground. A hockey player I am not.  So, as I lay awake all night worrying about the albino death pellets raining down, I need you, helpful reader to please tell me one redeemable quality of the Snow.


The one good thing is that I FINALLY found my wayward glove, it was under my spare tire (not that one, thanks) in my car. Before I found it I had two righties and no lefty glove.  My gloves have been reunited after a season apart.  Weeeeee.

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