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We are under a SEVERE WINTER STORM WARNING. We may get up to 12 inches of snow…which to most people in area isn’t a big deal. Hell, in this neck of the woods it’s pretty typical. But to ME, I HATE HATE HATE the snow. I hate getting ready in the morning just to stand outside brushing my car off, which means all the snow ends up on me because I am short, which also means I get to go to work soaking wet. 12 inches of show is actually quite alot, now that I think of it, I’m only 5’2″, which means it’s going to snow 1/5 (my math sucks) of  my height. What if I drown?  I hate driving in it, pretty much I cannot think of one redeemable quality of the Snow.  Also, I have learned that the Ice hates me. I cannot even LOOK at the ice without it grabbing my foot and knocking me to the ground. A hockey player I am not.  So, as I lay awake all night worrying about the albino death pellets raining down, I need you, helpful reader to please tell me one redeemable quality of the Snow.


The one good thing is that I FINALLY found my wayward glove, it was under my spare tire (not that one, thanks) in my car. Before I found it I had two righties and no lefty glove.  My gloves have been reunited after a season apart.  Weeeeee.

I had off of work from the day before Thanksgiving until have to return to work on Wednesday.  I should have lots of hijinx to talk about but NOTHING…I has it

Oooh…did you ever feel like you were being watched and you glance around quick to make sure that no one hatched out of the closet to stab you repeatedly. Then you laugh a little to yourself, silly silly me for being so paranoid, so then you remove your clothes, step into the shower (don’t jump, I always say jump into the shower which is obviously the best way to break a bone or two). Then as your daydreaming and lathering up you get that sensation again that someone is watching you and you chide yourself for being a big baby. As you turn to grab the shampoo, there with it’s beady little eyes and sticky little legs is the DAMN CENTIPEDE that has been admiring you for the last twenty minutes. Let the screaming and rapid heartbeat commence. Then you JUMP out of the shower casting any idea of safety to the wind becuase this little beast is surely going to pounce on your shoulder and bite the freshly clean yet a little soapy, neck of yours. Then you run naked, panic stricken into your bedroom, throw clothes on, find shoes, who cares about socks, find the keys, toss them in the generel vicinity of the centipede because he is now the proud renter of your apartment, because clearly we both can’t stay in this place together and he clearly wins. You run to your car, speed away, in case his little legs can carry him 40 miles an hour and jump on your bumper and torment you further. Find the closest bar but not close enough to be followed to by one hundred sticky little centipede legs and have a stiff drink.

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