Posted on: November 21, 2008

Thanks to Violet I am going to let my Freaky Flag fly! I didn’t mean that I felt judged in anyway by the innernets, (since no one reads this drivel) I just feel stifled by my own lack o’ talent. HI! I’m sure I’ll stretch my bloggy legs and get comfy and all will be fine. Thanks Violet for being my first comment!

In other news, I am more excited than usual for this day to be Friday, I was neck deep into a dream when my alarm went off this morning and it actually took me a few minutes to decipher real time from dream time. I finally stumbled off to the shower, and I didn’t drown myself, now I’m anxiously awaiting 3:30 so I can drink some beer, eat some pizza and relax. I rented Wall-E because I’m four. I hope it doesn’t suck as bad as I have heard. Happy Friday!! Drunk post tomorrow! Or maybe even Sunday too!!!!!


Well it’s Sunday and after Friday and Saturday chock full of stunt drinking, I’m currently relaxing on the couch. Suprisingly, I don’t have a hangover, but I’m pretty sure my poor liver has decided to up and move on to a kinder, gentler place to reside. Sorry liver, please come back! Also, I just learned how to add a link in a post because I are smart !!!


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  • lv4921391: any time you feel the need to send jokes...send them to your blogging
  • lulue: My fiance's parents live in Surprise Arizona, we visited during Thanksgiving 2007. (my first flight and I didn't get arrested or cry! I win) I loved i
  • TJ: Savannah is really nice. I've not spent any serious length of time there, but the area has a really great feel to it. I lived half in PA/half in Atlan


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