Posted on: November 20, 2008

I wasn’t expecting to feel so judged by writing here. I feel like I have to be careful about what I write so I don’t sound stupid or weird or downright cuckoo. Which, tends to suck the life out of any creativity I may have because it is driven soley by my crazy and weird. I love them. Well, I figured I better try to post something, since the last post was a bit ranty and whiny. And I was sick sick sick of looking at it. Maybe I’ll feel less under microscopy later and post a bit more. Till then!!!!


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Hey, at the moment you’re pretty much anonymous, right? So let it all hang out! Let your freak-flag fly! 🙂

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  • lv4921391: any time you feel the need to send jokes...send them to your blogging
  • lulue: My fiance's parents live in Surprise Arizona, we visited during Thanksgiving 2007. (my first flight and I didn't get arrested or cry! I win) I loved i
  • TJ: Savannah is really nice. I've not spent any serious length of time there, but the area has a really great feel to it. I lived half in PA/half in Atlan


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