Posted on: November 14, 2008

So I got my ass handed to me yesterday by someone I thought was my friend. I made the unfortunate mistake of sending out an email, which I viewed as satirical in nature. It wasn’t taken like that by one individual. I wasn’t aiming at stepping on anyone’s political toes, but seems to be what I did. OOOPSY. I didn’t want to write about politics here, I’m honestly not that informed. When it comes to Cabinets, and Congress, and all the other political lingo my brain turns to slush, my eyes glaze over and I start looking for my happy place. So when I sent out the “email of death”, I was just passing it along because I didn’t take it serious, I thought it was funny, well written and tongue in cheek. It was meant for a laugh, that is all. This one particular individual, the ass hander, took it to heart apparently. Here is what he wrote:



DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!




Now, mind you, the email said nothing about our President Elect, nor did I mention my political views. I’m okay with Obama. Oh, and I’m not a Redneck. I’m a Midwesterner, it’s WAY worse. J I digress. So I actually felt bad, but I didn’t want to email the ass hander back, I figured that would only perpetuate this already volatile situation. Then he sends out this, let’s dissect it shall we?


I hit reply all when I sent my response. I’m not accusing everyone of sending me this crap.

No he’s just accusing ME.


So XXXX and XXXX relax. You received this message just like I did. I just want to let all who received it, to not send me anymore small minded crap like this. We all have our opinions,

Really? I wasn’t giving my opinion. It was a JOKE.


but when I get all these emails that take up to much space in my mailbox it get’s old and annoying.

XXXX, I don’t agree with you most of the time. I still respect your opinion because unlike some people who send this shit out.

That would be me, the one he doesn’t respect.


I know you know what your talking about.

I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about.


Some people think they are experts because they listen to some jackass on the radio who thinks he knows it all. They then think they are an expert without actually doing any research or real knowledge of the subject.

Um, I lost. I don’t listen to talk radio, where he got this from is beyond me.


I’m not singling anyone out,

Noooo, of course not.


I hit reply all to let you all know I don’t want this crap polluting my inbox. Nothing more, nothing less.


So now I feel bad, but more pissed actually. He’s calling me small minded from one email, which I wasn’t trying to define myself with. I feel misunderstood and a little silly for writing about all of this.


Anyhoo, let’s lighten this up a bit. I was planning on making this funny, but I guess it didn’t turn out that way. I’ve known the person mentioned above for almost 15 years. I never know how to describe him, I’m not actually sure he should even be considered a friend. I remember one time long ago he wanted to kick me out of the bar he owns because I said that Frank Zappa sucked. Him banning me from the bar happened a few years later but he eventually allowed me back in a couple weeks later after I groveled. Everyone jokes that I’m on Triple Secret Probation, and one fuck up and I’m kicked out again. I guess I could describe him as the beer Nazi. “No beer for you!” Oh, the fun. Well, I was going to send out an email with a Christmas tree made from wire and beer cans, but after yesterday’s debacle I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.




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