Ummmmmm 10 things….

Posted on: November 13, 2008

Wow, this is a bit harder than I thought. I figure I’ll post from work at lunchtime, since it’s the only privacy I usually have, unless you count Cruella Deville breathing down my neck all day.

How rude! I should probably introduce myself, I’m not sure if I should post my name, I want some level of anonymity. I’ll just start with a list about myself:

1. In my thirties, but emotionally I’m probably about 12. Or 3

2. Lived in the same midwestern town (shut up) my whole life (double shut up).

3. I almost moved away with a guy until I smartened up and since then I’ve been dating and recently got engaged to “the one that got away” twelve years ago. We’ve been dating for 2 years.

4. I may possibly had something to do with his marriage breaking up.

5. But I like to think that it would have happened anyway.

6. I have a job, not a career.

7. I don’t particularly like my job.

8. I currently have 2 brothers, I started with 3.

9. We don’t talk much.

10. The alive ones, not the dead one.

11. Me and the dead one? We talk all the time.

12. Just kidding.

Well, that was more than 10 so I guess that’s why I have a “job” instead of a career, huh?

Until next time.


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